Too many books, too little time.
Old Blood - Karina Halle We finally get to know the story of Pippa, also known as Creepy Clown Lady.
At this point in the series you already know who she was. If you don’t know that, go read the previous books and don't open the spoiler tag! :P
Pippa was Perry’s grandmother and Dex nanny when we were a kid and Perry’s parents (those idiots!) locked her in her mental institution because she had the same particularity as Perry, and as Dex by that matter: She could she ghosts.

It was bittersweet knowing her story. In the end she died alone in a psychiatric hospital and life wasn't fair to her.
But there were a lot of sweet things in this book, Dex as little kid, Perry as little kid! and clarified a lot of things about the series.
I really liked Pippa and in a way, I was sad how her life turned out to be.
(Especially since Ingrid was apparently an ass since young age)