Too many books, too little time.
The Dex-Files - Karina Halle This novella doesn’t bring anything new, considering that they are key-scenes from the previous books.
But since they are under Dex POV it makes everything better.
During the books we often wondered why he acted like that, what was he hiding, why was he an asshole (a sexy one, but still….) during most of the time?
This novella answered all those questions and answered also the million dollar question: Why did he act like that in the end of Lying Season, causing the Holly-Mother-Of-All-Awful-Cliffhangers?

She looked me right in the eye and I saw the truth. I saw it all. And it was all too late.
“You’re not the only who knows how to lie, Dex!”
And there it was.
The truth.

Don’t get me wrong, during several moments I still wanted to slap some sense into him.
But knowing his story, his background I started to understand most of his actions and why he was that way. I started to understand how his feelings towards Perry started to change and why that scared the hell out of him.

She was looking at me in a way I’d always dreamed. It’s too bad I had to save her in order to get it.
I’d never stop saving her.

I could stay here all day telling you why I liked this so much and how I loved being inside Dex mind. But the main point is: I would live forever in his mind and would love every single second of it.

Because even when he has is asshole moments, the feeling doesn’t change:

Well, to the next one now! :)