Too many books, too little time.
Into the Hollow - Karina Halle This fourth installment is in the middle of the Canadian woods looking for Sasquatch. Also known as bigfoot. Yes, you read it right. Yes, Perry and Dex laughed too.
But they stopped laughing real quickly.

Dex finally realized his feelings for Perry, but she is still hurt after everything that happened and can’t give him another chance. Although, after the recent events, she knows that her only option is leaving her parents house and so, she goes live with him to Seattle.


With the EIT show back on action they go to Canada search for evidence of the big foot. Except this time their biggest threat could be human.
And their biggest haunting is the ghost of their own past that doesn't allow them to move on and be finally happy.
But having to spend so many time together and with cut-deep sexual tension between them, they will have to find a way to be together… or to leave separate ways.


This was the least scary book so far. And it was also the best.
Although the scary side is not in full force (but it is there, make no mistake!), it’s great to see them finally admit their true feelings, and trying to get back track without losing themselves on the way. It was a much more intimate book and just loved it.
Although I liked Perry (well, she’s awesome) there were moments in this book when she pissed the hell out me. And Dex… if he was good before, now was pretty much perfect.

“This is me trying, Perry,” he said softly, the anger being drained of his face. “This is me taking my heart out of my chest and putting the bloody mess in your hands. I can’t give you much more than that.”

Definitely best series ever!
To the next one, now ;)