Too many books, too little time.
Playing For Keeps (The Game, #2) - Emma  Hart So, this second book is the story of Megan and Aston. If you remember, Megan is Braden’s best friend, practically a sister, and Aston is also one of Braden’s best friends.

Braden is very protective of Megan and Aston is a bit (being “bit” an understatement) of a playboy that jumps from girl to girl without even remember their names.
But when they get together one night, they can’t stay away from each other and so they start a secret relationship.


And as the time progresses, Megan’s starts to see that Aston is more than what he seems and that he’s broken by a dark past. And Aston realizes that with Megan, somehow his ghosts no longer seem so important.
And when feelings starts to grow, they’ll have to find out how to become “fre-nemies” to lovers in one day without losing a best friend along the way.


Despite the good reading that this book was, I liked the first better. Was something missing on this one: probably drama. For a secret relationship with a broken playboy, with a protective best friend thrown to the middle… this was seriously missing some drama.
Nonetheless, I liked it and it’s definitely a sweet romance, very fast to read. :)