Too many books, too little time.
One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy I’m going to be honest, when I first known about this book I didn't think much of it. I waited until the second to get out so I can start reading this and until I start seeing the reviews I was completely sure that this book wouldn't be that good. I couldn't be more wrong. This book is very, very good and it holds us since first page.

Drew needs a fake girlfriend to go home with in Thanksgiving, because he can’t bear the thought of go there alone. So who can be better for pretending to be the girlfriend that the girl that as the fame of being the town whore?
Fable knows that she shouldn't do it. She already has a reputation that is not real, she doesn't need being paid to pretend to be somebody’s girlfriend adding to it. But she had a younger brother to thing about and is a lot of money. So she accepts.
She realizes real soon that is something very wrong with Drew’s family and that he has two very different sides: one where he is the perfect boyfriend and it’s easy to forget that it’s all a lie and other when he is dark and tortured and Fable knows that everything that’s wrong with him is related to his family and why we can’t bear being with them.
Soon their “arrangement” starts to feel very real but still, there’s too much ghosts from the past that they can’t get trough. But is amazing to see their romance anyway.
Drew is the sweetest guy ever (and gets really sexy when he needs to!) and Fable is great, she is strong, caring and just needs someone’s who believes in her and that love her.

I really think I never hated secondary characters so much as in this book. Since Fable’s mother to Adele (Yes Bitch! I hate you!!!) I just wanted to slap them against a wall.
And the end makes me want to start reading the second like…. Right now!!! Damn CH’s!
Go read it and enjoy. It’s surprisingly good. :)