Too many books, too little time.
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde 4.5 Galloping Stars!!

Okay, I’m really sorry and displease with myself on why it took me so long to read this book. This was so awesome!!


So, Marie is the tradition good girl with a bad past and bad surroundings and a shitty ex-husband and she is trying to forget the creature existence.
Her brother, who she is very close with and basically the person she loves the most is also pretty stupid and put himself in a very bad situation with the Reapers MC.
And if you mess with them, you will surely have to pay for your mistake.


Horse (yeah, even his name is sexy!), didn’t expect to fell head over heels for Marie. But hell if he didn’t.
But since she really can't comprehend his life style their relationship does not evolve in the beginning, but after her brother’s little stunt, Horse makes a deal with her: her brother is safe as long she goes live with him and learn to live the MC lifestyle.

After that, Marie starts to see that their life isn't just drugs, bikes and bad ass guys. But still, it’s a world apart from hers and when things have everything to go wrong, they'll have to find out how willing they are to adapt.

But with a sexy man like Horse, really, how hard can that be?? (No, no pun intended here!! *giggles*)


This book got me hooked since the first page, hell, since the first line. It’s not a “little-miss-sunshine” love story, so if you’re kind of prude or sensible probably this isn't the best book for you. Sometimes it’s rude and rough on the edges, but it’s so AWESOME.
And did I already told you… sexy???

Seriously people, go read it! ;)
(Although I'm probably the only person who hasn't read it, yet!)