Too many books, too little time.
Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards 3.5 “sandwich” stars!

Well, when I started reading this book I knew that would be some steam. But boy, I didn’t expect that much steam.
Seriously, they were having sex basically all the time.


So, this was the story of Zoey and well… Kaleb. They were best friends for years and always had a “thing” for each without the other even imagine (Don’t they always?), but were always able to ignore said feelings and stay only friends.
One day, without notice those feelings start to change and suddenly their relationship takes a huge turn.
Well, there are a lot of others things happening, including a shitty ex-husband and a shittier ex-girlfriend, but the main line is basically that.
And there was a lot of sex. And kinky one, too.


I was in the mood for something light, sweet, with some steam and fast to read. And this book is exactly that. If you want to read one of those books who will remain in your head for weeks and full of angst… well, not this one.
But if you want something fast, funny, sexy (a lot!) and entertaining… this is basically perfect and has an attractive writing style and likeable characters.
Give it a try! ;)