Too many books, too little time.
Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey 4 Cowboy Stars!!

This one of those books that came completely by surprise. I even never heard of it and suddenly I’ve read a great friend review and I gave it a try.
Well, thank God for friend’s reviews, this was awesome!!


So, this books starts in Las Vegas. In one of her best-friends bachelorette party and is recently out of a relationship with a shitty boyfriend so she does what every girl in her situation does: drink. And then some more. And drink just a little more. And a little more just to finish the night.
And between all this drink she meets a sexy (Oh so sexy!) cowboy and things get hot and well…


Of course she doesn’t remember almost anything of what happened that night, except that she had hot sex with an even hotter guy and she goes home again and life moves on.
Two years later she is engaged with an even worst guy than the previous ex-boyfriend when she finds out that she is, well, married.

I guess what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas!

So she goes there to get a divorce but when she sees him again, she starts to remember why she ended up marrying him in first place and when she finds out that he knew exactly what he was doing that nigh… well, let me just say that this is the point where the story starts to get REALLY good.


Although it felt a little forced and rushed in some moments (ergo, the only 4 starts rating), I really liked this book.
Its writing is addictive, has extremely likeable characters and although the slightly predictable story line, it was an awesome reading. Not to mention the really hot moments.
You definitely should try it ;)