Too many books, too little time.
The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins, #2) - Suzanne  Wright 5 Biding Stars!!

I can’t believe that this series already ended. Two books is not enough for this. I need one more… or three, or four.
This was seriously amazing.


This books takes place a few days after the Binding Ceremony and a lot of problems starts to rise. Between Magda, Jared’s Sire /Ex-lover that demands be present in the ceremony and is obviously not over Jared yet, between a new and f***ed up assignment and a something really strange happening to Sam that nobody knows how to stop it, they have to decide if the Binding is happening in the best of times.
But well, Jared’s being the sexy overprotective jackass that he is, he’s even more determined in helping Sam while keeping the ceremony.
And between a lot of drama, and action, and sweet hotness and unexpected turns, this books turned out even better than the first one.
And even hotter (which believe me… it’s hard! Pun non-intended, I swear!!)


I don’t know how Suzanne does it, but she has the gift of creating the most amazing heroines and the sexiest in a bad-boy way heroes. I can’t remember a single one of her characters that I haven’t loved.
Not to mention that her writing is awesome and keep us stuck since page one. I can only say that I truly hope that will be more books of this series. I haven’t give up hope that we’ll have one about Evan and Alora’s story ;)