Too many books, too little time.
Frontline - Alexandra Richland 3.5 Possessive Stars!

This book tells us the story of Sara, 22 years old young nurse freshly out of nursing school and with a simple life, and Trenton, 30 years old gazillionaire and famous CEO of his own very lucrative company.
One night in the ER, she has to assist Trenton that arrives there with a head injury, and although they have an immediately chemistry, they don’t start on the right foot.
Not only Trenton has a lot of secrets that scare Sara, their personalities collide, with him being possessive and controlling and Sara wanting to control every aspect of her life.
And when secrets begin to unravel and unexpected and dangerous things start to occur, and they know that is directed to them, they must find out if there’s a time to be honest and fight… or if all the trouble is just not worth it.
All this wrapped in a very sexy man and a sexier background. Obviously.


Although I really liked this book and it was a good reading, there was some things that didn’t quite work for me.
First it was all too fast. From the first kiss, to the first date, to their happiness completely depend of the other was a question of a few days and it was TOO LITTLE time. It fell kind of rushed and in some moments a little forced.
The supportive characters were also good, but there was some unnecessary stuff happening there her two best friends with his two co-head chiefs of security and also friends? Really? I mean… how convenient is that??.
And the main characters BOTH annoyed in one time or another, and normally is just the girl who has that power over me.

Probably the problem is mine and I’m just growing too tired of these sexy-billionaires type of books (which would be a shame!), but I couldn't fully connect with this book.
Other than that, it was a good and entertaining reading and if you’re into this genre you should definitely give it a try. ;)