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Into the Deep - Samantha Young 4.5 Second Chance Stars!!


Charley and Jake were boyfriends in high-school. But not just young lovers, they had that kind of love so strong that everyone was certain that they would be forever.

“I knew after weeks of meeting you that I was never going to love another girl like I love you. You’re it for me. They write books about what we have.”

But unfortunately, life is unpredictable and something really bad happens that will end with Jake going away and leaving Charley. She is left broken with never really recover from it.
For almost 4 years she doesn’t know anything about Jake. He never tried to reach her again.


When she takes a year abroad in Edinburgh, on the third year of college, he is the first person she sees… with his girlfriend. (Who isn’t a bitch, so is really hard to hate her…)
Right from the moment he sees her, he tries to apologize and do everything he can to keep her in is life… but he hurt her too much and she can’t trust him. Not to mention that is very hard for her to be around him and her girlfriend.

But Jake is not if not persistent and he is determined to be forgiven for his past sins and not let her away again He is determined to have a second chance with Charley, even if she thinks that she doesn’t want that.


This was a really great reading. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 starts if because the end seemed to be rushed. It’s like Samantha suddenly remembered: “Hey! I can turn this into a series!!” and just stopped writing right there. If it was a stand alone with a few chapters longer and a nice epilogue and this would have been perfect.
The supportive characters were real great (I’m so hoping for a HEA for Claud and Bret!), as the main ones. Charley was an awesome heroine, which isn’t that common, and Jake even with all the pissing me off, was real great.
Believe me, this is a book you will don’t want to miss out on ;)