Too many books, too little time.
Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley 4 sweet stars!! : )

Okay, now we have Eddie (you remember him, right? Lee’s best friend, from the first book!) and Jet.
Jet is juggling two jobs trying to take care of her sick mother and doesn’t want anyone to know about her life.
Eddie is very interested in her (not that she notices, which is ironic considering that she is totally smitten by him!!), and being the sexy badass detective that he is, soon finds out about her “hidden life”.
When Jet’s dad, basically an asshole that owes money to bad people, puts Jet in his trouble, Eddie has to step in and try to save her. Even when she doesn’t want to be saved because she believes that she can take care of herself on her own.

So yeah… Stubborn Heroine + Sexy Alpha Male + Kristen Ashley = completely funny and sexy book with a very (VERY!) hot hero.


And although I slightly liked the first one better, I loved it anyway, because this is basically my relation with all KA’s books:


Seriously, go read this series, right now! :P