Too many books, too little time.
Infraction - K.I. Lynn 5 Beautifully broken stars!

This book starts with Nathan finally admitting his feelings for Lila, after almost losing her before.
But with a broken body, a broken soul… and a broken heart, Lila is not willing to let him come into her life again, she already was hurt enough to last a lifetime.
Unfortunately, in her circumstances she hasn't exactly another choice, so her feelings start to getting harder to ignore. Especially when now, Nate is very open with his.


But Nathan’s inability to let go of the past and Lila’s unwillingness to live with his ghosts get in the way. In this book we see a much stronger Lila that despite all the problems that still haunt her, when it comes to her heart she was hurt one too many times and she is taking no prisoners when it comes to protect it.
But Nathan is doing the same when it comes to have Lila and he will do everything in his power to keep her.

So this is basically two broken souls trying to reach for each other, with a lot of ghosts in their path, and finding their way to happiness together.


This book was even better than the first one (I know, how is that even possible, right??), and I fell even more connected to the story.
Lila and Nathan are the most broken and f*ucked couple you’ll ever cross paths with, and you will not be able to not love them and root for their happiness together after all the darkness they've been through.
I loved everything single second of this achingly beautiful love story and I can’t wait for the third book to see its (hopefully happy) end!:)