Too many books, too little time.
Conversion (Conversion #1) - S.C. Stephens 2 Unfinished stars.

DNF at 64%.

So this is the story of Emma and Teren.
They crash into each other one day and from that day on things get heated and they start to fall for each other. Thing is: Teren is a “little bit” vampire.
And while that was a shock for Emma, that used to put vampire in the same box as “Santa Claus”, she eventually accepts Teren for who he is. Especially because “Hot” is one of those things he is.
But Teren isn’t telling everything (Yeah, there’s still more to tell than “I’m a little bit vampire”.) and things are going to get rough (er), so Emma must decide if this vampire is worth fighting for… or if there are things you simply don’t get yourself into.


Well, you are wondering why I didn’t finish it and still gave it two stars, right?
It bored the hell out of me but the story isn’t bad. Just boring.
And the writing is pretty damn good.
Maybe one day, when I have more free time, I’ll get back to reading it… but for now, I have too many books to read and very little time to do it, so I really can’t afford losing time in books that bore me.


However, if you’re a fan of PNR you should give it a try ;)