Too many books, too little time.
Rock Chick Revenge  - Kristen Ashley 5 Cookie Stars!!

Ava didn’t always look like she has now. She was a little chubby, wore glasses and had two bitchy older sisters that made her believe that she was ugly and nobody would ever want her.
So, even having a crush for Luke since she was 8 years old, she didn't think we would ever look at her, so she promised herself that she would never see him again until she was in her perfect form.
But in the meanwhile she had bad luck with guys and she also promised that she would never tangle herself with a man again.
That is, until she see Luke again.


Luke didn’t saw Ava for 5 years. She was one of the most important persons in his life but they somehow drifted apart after she reject all his phone-calls after his father’s funeral (well, she had her reasons! Read it!).
So when he finds her looking for him at his work, looking hot as hell and not even a bit resembling as the old Ava he knew, he knows he have to get her back. And preferentially try to get the old her in the progress.
And since she got herself in trouble (or weren’t the girls in this series ALWAYS in trouble) he have a lot of time do to that.


For some reason this was the story I was most anxious to read. And with good reason, it was definitely my favorite book in the series (so far). It was more emotional, more personal, more angsty and it was more intimate than the others.
Although Lee is still my favorite (I think!!), Luke gives him a good fight. He was so great ;)
And Ava, even with her insecurities (that I kind of understood) I really liked her too.
The rest… the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch, were awesome as ever! ;)

For the millionth time I tell you: If you haven’t start reading this yet, you are missing a hell of a series! : )