Too many books, too little time.
Her Forbidden Hero (The Hero, #1) - Laura Kaye 3 Dreamy Stars

Alyssa knows Marco since she was a child. Being her older brother best-friend, he knows everything about her, especially the abusive past she has.
But then he and his brother enlisted the army and gone to war. She haven’t seen him for years until she ends up working at the same bar as he.
And with proximity feelings start to change between them.


But Marco is a different man now and war left wounds in him that make him keep everyone at arm’s length. He closed himself and no one can enter.
Not to mention he has a strong sense of loyalty to Brady, Aly’s sister. Alyssa doesn’t give up on him, but soon her hope starts to fade.
When things starts to progress he must find out if there’s a time to retreat… and another to go to war and fight.


This was a very fast and very sweet reading.
If you’re looking for a quick romance between those books who ripped your heart apart, this is perfect for you.
It’s light, with very likeable characters and a very cute plot.
Give it a try! ;)