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Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) - Abbi Glines 4 Healing Stars!!


After the death of Wood’s father, he inherited everything and is now controlling the company, the same one he was once willing to give up his life in sacrifice for it.
Well, not anymore.
Della still has a lot of problems to overcome, but if Woods will have to choose, we will always choose Della. He will fight for her until the end.


Della will have a lot to overcome in this book, and she is settled in solving their problems and finally be the woman Woods deserves.
But her quest is only starting and there’ll be a lot of new discoveries and obstacles… being one of the biggest obstacles herself.


Unfortunately, although this was a damn good reading, I didn’t like it as much as the previous one.
Woods is real great (Rush’s still my favorite, though.) and Della is also good in this book and very supportive of Woods in everything he has to go through… but there was some things that made give a lower rating.
Basically, (Don’t read the spoilers if you haven’t read this yet!) the obvious plot twist to introduce another spin-off with Tripp. Was it really necessary to kill Jace?? Was it, Abbi???

And the knowledge that the first Grant's book will end in a cliff-hanger. F*ucking Nan!

Nonetheless, this book hooked me up since the first pages, like all the books written by this woman, and I’ll will now wait anxiously for the next one, especially after the sweet ending. I love how it ended in the gas station, just like their story started. So cute ;)
Go read this people. This is probably one of the best NA series of the moment.